Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Over the next three weeks or the foreseeable future I will be smashing out as many videos for home training as possible in three different fitness levels: Phase 1 for beginners, Phase 2 for intermediate and Phase 3 for advanced circuits. This will all be interval training starting from 30 seconds intervals up to 45 seconds with variations rest periods. The videos starting with Phase 1 will last a duration of 30 minutes moving up in intensity to Phase 2 and 3 at 50 minutes to an hour. I will try my very best to do at least one video every day during the weekdays starting with Phase 1 and Phase 2 videos. They will all start with body weight exercises so you don't need any equipment to start off. Then over the following duration moving into body pump bars, resistance bands and low weight dumbbells. All equipment will be listed below in the videos. All the videos will be placed on my website blog page so you can comment if you would like me to make any changes and most of all if you have carried out this video. Guys you have no excuse to come back 2 stone heavier and unfit after this stay at home period. Enjoy Paul PT

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