How to book your personal trainer in a few easy steps​

Starting with your personal training package and what it will involve, booking a free consultation to find out what you want to achieve in fitness, then move down to personal training prices


Why not train within the comfort of your home, using the fitness knowledge base and experience of a personal trainer, with equipment brought straight to your front door. Helping you to optimise your work out times, improving your performance, with support and motivating you, to push you to your next level by improving your flexibility and building your ideal body shape

The package will involve

  • Individually tailored nutrition program including macro breakdown

  • Elite tailored sessions

  • Home or outdoor training

  • Personal body assessment log

  • Coaching and support

All packages will involve free base body assessment which will be carried out every two weeks to check if you are achieving your fitness goals

An assessment will include

  • Body fat percentage

  • Weighing

  • BMI

  • Range of movement

  • Posture Assessing

  • Blood pressure

  • Body measurements


Your first step is to book a consultation by email, phone or click on book online, then click on free home consultation and choose a date and time


Call: 079 0095 0003
Email: paul@dofitness.tips


If this doesn't suit you, why not start early and fill out an online consultation form now, then submit it straight to Do Fitness and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible

Your consultation will be carried out within your home environment. Within your consultation, you will have a friendly chat with a Do Fitness personal trainer and your first question will be, what is it you want to achieve in fitness?

Next you will be asked 3 questions:

What is your previous fitness history?

For example, have you been a member of a gym or had a Personal Trainer in the past

What do you expect from your Personal Trainer?

For example, what is your likes, dislikes and environment you like to carry out physical training

Have you got any injuries and any other information?

For example, past and present injuries, good and bad experiences you have had within physical training


Then a Par Q form will be filled out for past medical history

Each answer from these questions will be listened to in detail where an individual plan will be placed together to get you to your fitness goals. Next you will have time to ask any burning questions about your fitness plan and to make any changes you like


Discover early mornings to 10 pm home personal training packages and prices. If these packages do not fit your lifestyle they can be tailored to your physical training needs

Add an extra person onto your session for just £10 per session

Contact details: Paul manager of Do Fitness Ltd

Tel: 079 0095 0003

Email: paul@dofitness.tips


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