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Healthy Eating

Create your shopping list with healthy food choices tailored to your body shape



Week one is all about creating a shopping list using the correct measuring methods for your food.
You are creating recipes in MyFitnessPal and choosing the right breakfast choice and snacks for your body shape.

Measuring food and creating recipes

This chat is all about:- How to create a recipe on MyFitnessPal, measuring food and portion sizes

Links to measuring items will be coming soon!

Breakfast choices for your body shape

This chat is all about: - Breakfast choices for your body shape

Keep your breakfast choices low down the glycaemic index
Check your macronutrients and calories for your body shape

Ideal breakfast choices:

Oatmeal (Old-fashioned porridge)
Yoghurt (Greek style)
Chia seeds and flaxseed


Ham, mushroom and spinach omelette with tomato salad

Click on the link below and scroll down for the recipe



This chat is all about: - Snack choices for your body shape

  • Eat snacks lower down the glycaemic index

  • Prepare your snacks to be available between 10 AM and 4 PM


Types of snacks

  • Eight different types of nuts (if you have any nut allergies do not consume)

  • Organic peanut butter and apples (if you have any nut allergies do not consume)

  • Fruits;- grapefruit, berries, stone fruits, Kiwis, melons and oranges

  • For a light snack mix fruits with Greek style yoghurt

  • Cucumber, hummus bites

  • Red pepper with guacamole

  • Baby carrots with blue cheese dressing

  • Salary with soft cheese

  • Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella

  • Edamame (steamed unripened soybeans)

  • Marinated artichoke hearts


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