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Guidelines for COVID-19

Paul your personal trainer has an obligation to reduce the risk towards health and safety. Therefore, minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19

Preventative measures, government standard guidelines in working safety during coronavirus (15/07/2020)

Measures to comply before

during and after physical activity

Frequent hand washing and surface cleaning

  • Before each personal training (PT) session, you the client and Paul PT will wash their hands for 20 seconds (when not possible hand sanitiser will be available).

  • Within the gym settings all equipment will be cleaned before and after use. When required hand sanitiser will be available.

  • Before circuit training, all equipment being used will be cleaned. Therefore, they will be 10-minute gaps between each PT session aiding Paul time to clean the equipment.

Social distancing and booking

  • Numbers are limited for access to the gymnasium to maximise social distancing. Therefore, bookings may be taken over the phone or before and after PT sessions. This will ensure an area will be booked specifically for your PT needs.

  • PT will need to be booked at a minimum 48-hours in advance.

  • PT needs to be rearranged or cancelled 48-hours in advance. If you do not cancel or rearrange within the required time, a payment for your missed PT session will be deducted from your subscription or personal training package.

  • Equipment will be placed at an appropriate distance apart from other gym members to comply with social distancing guidelines.

  • Social distancing should be maintained unless additional mitigation will be essential.

  • PT will not be conducted within tight spaces or between doorways.

  • PT programs will be constructed or changed to minimise non-essential trips within the gymnasium.

  • When possible for PT sessions a workstation will be allocated by the gymnasium. This will be a separate area allocating a studio or function room specifically for circuit training/strength and conditioning. Therefore, being separated from other gym users to prevent risk of transmission.

  • Once PT is in progress when possible avoid coaching face-to-face preferably coaching side-by-side. This practice will also be adhered to when carrying out consultations also adopting social distancing.

Outdoor training

  • When possible, PT will take place outside using the surrounding area of the gymnasium, this will lower the risk of transmission.

Changing rooms

  • Changing rooms will be available, take in consideration where possible showering and changing facilities should be avoided. Subsequently, it is encouraged to attend in sports kit and where possible to travel home to change/shower. This policy has been set in place to lower the risk of transmission by avoiding touching extensively used surface areas for example: locker doors, changing room doors and surfaces.

Music volume and shouting

  • To lower the risk of transmission raised voices should be avoided. To avoid raising voices music levels will be lowered to ensure a normal conversation can be conducted.

Medical checks and PT frequency

  • Alongside with the government standard guidelines Paul’s classes and PT will be minimised in frequency per day to avoid exposure.

  • Before conducting PT, each client should carry out a self-assessment for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Temperature check: If you have a high temperature above 37.5°. Symptoms of a new continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell and taste. If you have been in contact with any other person in the last 14 days who have had signs and symptoms of COVID-19. If any of these factors above arise, PT will not take place.

  • Paul PT each morning will conduct the same self-assessment for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (shown in 6b). If Paul shows signs and symptoms of COVID-19 PT will be cancelled. At this point Paul will immediately be tested for COVID-19.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and face coverings

  • Outside clinical environments extra PPE should not be encouraged (GOV.UK. 2020). It is important to know that the evidence of the benefit of using a face covering to protect others is weak and the effect is likely to be small (GOV.UK. 2020). Hand and surface washing are a more productive way of preventing the risk of transmission. Therefore, wearing face covers (masks) is optional and is not required by law (GOV.UK. 2020).

  • All forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise except on specific advice from a physician (GOV.UK. 2020).

  • For the foreseeable future Paul will not be conducting full body assessments. Weighing and electronic body fat percent can still be measured. Caliper body fat percent and circumference measurements will be on hold for the foreseeable future.


Reference: www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/providers-of-grassroots-sport-and-gym-leisure-facilities