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Paul your personal trainer, can aid you with your fitness goals by helping you with knowledge and coaching in nutrition, being flexible, more toned and stronger


Paul is based at Stables Leisure Club in Bury and branches out to the Greater Manchester area

Let's do this and make a positive change

To achieve your fitness goal there is three proven stages. 

1 . Conditioning you for exercise 2. Your fitness goal

3. Your Nutrition

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How can body conditioning benefit you? Just imagine you cannot build a skyscraper without a good set of foundations. No matter how fit you are, the body still needs to be conditioned from the complete beginner to a trained athlete, exercises need to be carried out correctly to get the most benefit from your training routine. Paul has placed together a personal approach to learning six different movements which will help you in everyday life to feel strong, happy with your image and to push you to your next step.

You will start building your foundations with stage 1, this is the area you will get personal instruction on how to carry out the five different movements (seen below), each exercise is progressed and tailored to each individual. All the exercises have been based on your everyday movements for example; -

  • Picking an object off the floor

  • Pushing an object

  • Pulling an object

  • Sitting up and twisting

  • Being Static

Paul at Infantry Training Centre 2017

A survey was carried out within the British Army Infantry Training Centre from April 2016 to April 2017 (Paul was a part of), to stop new army members being injured throughout basic training. The results were outstanding, by carrying out strength and conditioning exercises for a duration of five weeks before moving onto more robust physical training, there was an 80% drop in injuries from the years before. 

Based on these results body conditioning is intricate for you, before jumping straight into high-intensity classes, strength training or endurance activities take on body conditioning first. This will give you a lower chance of being injured, these movements carried out over a set period will make you feel more confident in moving to your next step in exercise.

Picking an object off the floor - compound movements

The beginning stages of picking an object off the floor is starting with the squat exercise. The squat is also used by the military to strengthen and align the body. Seeing above is the progression starting with sitting to standing off a chair. To regress the exercise a supported squat is a fantastic way to start.

Squats are extremely good for toning the legs, bum and activating the body core.

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Once you have mastered supported squats, half squats is the next stage and then moving onto full squats with weight. Next you will progress onto other exercises;-

  • Lunges

  • Calf raises

  • Mountain climbers

  • Romanian dead lift

  • Dead lift

Pushing an object

Pushing an object is common in everyday life for example; - pushing the door, a pram or may be a trolley round the supermarket. A progression is a hand release push-up starting on the knees and slowly straightening out the body over time.

Another great exercise is a shoulder press and tricep extension, starting with a light object to build up and tone up the upperbody.

Pulling an object

The opposite is pulling an object. This is another wonderful way of exercising. Bicep curls and bent over rows are ideal for toning off your arms and back.

Sitting up and twisting

Sitting up is definitely a common movement, we do this every time we get out of bed in the morning, then we twist left or right depending on what side of the bed we are getting out of.


Why not bring this movement into your exercise routine Paul will show you the correct way to carry this out, by bringing in exercises for the whole centre of your body.

Being Static

Starting from the knee supported plank holding a static position is a great work out for your body core. Once you are ready to progress you can move on to the full plank and the side plank.



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The next stage is to construct a training programme for your fitness goals

What would you like to achieve? Here's some amazing examples below of the pathway you may proceed down. 

To help you achieve your fitness goals, you can use Paul's experience of over 12 years as a qualified instructor and sport scientist. Alongside with one-to-one coaching an individual training programme will be designed for you. This training programme can be accessed online at any time and can be downloaded as an application onto your mobile phone.

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Paul uses cutting-edge personal training software by PT Distinction, this software is everything you would ever want. It's the highest rated personal trainer software across Trustpilot, Capterra, and Get App, and the winner of the "best of" badges in the personal training software industry 2018

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This software can be accessed by an app on your phone or through your home computer. The software can help you interact with Paul in the best way with; - Asessments, coaching, training programs, communication, habits, tracking, exercises technique coaching. On your phone you can access high quality videos for each of your exercises and written coaching points, you can also keep your trainer updated with direct messaging and updating time, reps and sets throughout your workout. 

Red Zone



PT Distinction integrates My Fitness Pal, FitBit, MyZone and more to enhance your coaching and help you guarantee results.






A tailored nutrition plan which you create and enjoy has a higher chance of succeeding. Before you start your nutrition regimen, get to know your body shape.  People are born with different inherited body types composing of their skeletal frame and body composition. Most people are a unique and of a different variation of each body type: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. For your body shape here's the five step process which will aid you to achieve your individual food plan.

Step 1

Paul will carry out 10 different measurements to determine your body shape.

Step 2

Your individual daily measurements of calories, fats, carbohydrate and protein will be calculated for your body shape. These calculations will vary between fitness goals for example: Weight loss, gaining muscle or carrying out an athletic goal (this will be determined in stage 2).


Step 3 

All this information will be placed into the phone application MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal is a simple and easy way to track your daily food intake.


Step 4 

Paul will aid you with nutrition advice and recipes to construct your own personal healthy diet. To assist government save guidelines all nutrition advice is by The Eatwell Guide NHS.  

Step 5


To keep you on track, Paul will be checking your progress by regular body assessments. You will also be able to add Paul as a friend on MyFitnessPal to check your daily nutritional intake. Therefore, Paul will be able to give you updated advice on your personal nutrition plan.