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Paul your personal trainer, can aid you with your fitness goals by helping you with knowledge and coaching in nutrition, being flexible, more toned and stronger


Paul is based at Stables Leisure Club in Bury and branches out to the Greater Manchester area

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Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals and balanced nutrition

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I would like to say a big congratulations to all of our clients for their achievements


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Congratulations to Maddie for passing out of phase one training HMS Raleigh in the Royal Navy

Maddie approached Paul just 8 months before enlisting for the Royal Navy, with the ambition of improving her fitness and conditioning in preparation for joining the armed forces. Maddie's first goal was to increase her running speed to pass the mile and a half run in order to qualify for Navy selection . This was achieved by long distance interval training, circuit training, while encompassing strength and conditioning. After passing the Navy selection Pre-Royal Navy Course with flying colours, the next step was to ramp up Maddie's training for the HMS Raleigh Phase one training course. This primarily consisted of strength training to increase her press up count. At the beginning of Maddie's training with Paul she struggled to do one press up. By the end  of the course, she was comfortably smashing out an amazing 17 press ups. Maddie was also regularly achieving a sub thirteen minute mile and a half run. She achieved these levels utilising interval training and long distance running, combined with leg-focused weight training.

Paul PT, summer body change

Paul set himself a goal in 2018 to achieve his ideal summer body for his 37th birthday. The challenge first started with strength training over the winter to build muscle and then moving into a 10 week weight loss strip down. Which consisted of weight training (drop sets), running interval training into circuits with a personal trainer, Metafit classes and a specific diet plan. Which was all produced within Stables Leisure Club.

Ken, Manager of Global Gas

Upon Ken's initial consultation, he reported that he was suffering from lower back pain. To combat this, Paul made the recommendation to start training with a focus on conditioning the body (see link below, lifestyle conditioning) and improving flexibility. Once Ken’s body was conditioned to a level suitable for weight training, he progressed over the next six months to the point where he could perform lifting over three quarters of his body weight from the floor.

Amanda has achieved an a amazing transformation with losing over 20kg and over 20% body fat in 2018

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Amanda has completely changed the way she looks

Amanda began personal training with Paul at the end of 2017 around the Christmas period with a home personal training programme. This started by conditioning the body for exercise over the first few months (see link below on Lifestyle Conditioning). Once Amanda gained confidence in exercising regularly, she joined the Stables Leisure Club. Her next step was Lifestyle Conditioning circuit training, alongside cardio workouts which included indoor cycling classes. With Paul’s advice and guidance, she moved on to strength and conditioning personal training which resulted in toning off her body.

In 2018 John had Chemotherapy treatment and recovered from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

As a result of his treatment, John suffered from muscle atrophy and lack of mobility and flexibility. Because of this, walking just a few meters caused exhaustion. Once Johns immune system had recovered sufficiently, he was given the go ahead by his consultant to begin physical training. Paul started John's training programme with body conditioning only using light weights in order to build muscle and align his posture. This prepared John's body so that he could walk and eventually  run. Next, Paul adjusted the programme to focus on strength and conditioning which involved running on the treadmill. John is currently training to run a half marathon in the future.

Congratulations to Heather for completing her first half marathon in Manchester in under two hours


Heather came to Paul with the goal of completing a half marathon in under two hours. The first step achieved by utilising body conditioning circuits (lifestyle conditioning), subsequently moving into strength and conditioning, which consisted of weight training focused on the legs and core. Alongside this, Paul created a training programme for running. The training programme described what Heather needed to do over several months. Which consisted of how many miles she had to run in a week, distance of each run and what type of running training. Each of these factors ultimately contributing to Heather achieving her goal and completing the half-marathon in under 2 hours.